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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAi6AAAAJGE0Yjg3Yjk2LTBkZTMtNDM0OC1hOTBmLTNhNDIwZTE4OTI3ZQSiadbh Mc Givern provides a range of personal support services and packages to help you overcome the challenges in your life’s journey and move forward to achieve the success you desire.

It  starts with getting to know each other by a simple phone call

Supported Self Help

In this package you can contact Siadbh by email and/or telephone with questions for advice and direction when working with EFT by yourself. This supports you as you manage your own life situation and challenges. Telephone support can take the form of listening, advice, direction for self help EFT work and some tapping together to raise positive emotions and states. Per month includes 1 hour a week, or 2 half hour calls a week with pre-booked appointments by phone and up to 4 emails per week.  One year support by monthly standing order. Investment €387 per month.


Personal Consultations Bronzebronze award

In this package Siadbh provides a set of 3 Consultations at one of her clinics or online by video call of approximately 1 hour in which you work together to: 1) Learn About EFT and Tapping to use in your life, Start to apply EFT to release stress and improve your energy. 2) Explore more in more depth the nature of your situation and apply EFT to release stress and create empowerment and positive lasting change in your situation 3) Follow up treatment to check progress and future planning. Investment € 252


Personal Consultations Silversilver award

This package is like the Bronze Package with six sessions for time to evolve more complex or chronic situations. Investment € 447


EFT Life Coaching Goldgold award

After you have happily completed your work on a specific challenge with Siadbh, or attended a course, you may choose to engage Siadbh as your regular EFT Coach. This provides you with on going uplift and energy power for your life, for your goals, for your projects and success. 

Having someone to champion your cause who cares about your achievements, cheering you on along the way and providing the extra energy power to stay in high positive states makes all the difference to staying on track and achieving your goals. runner

EFT Coaching is one hour sessions by visit, phone or video call with email support. One hour coaching session per week, two 20 minute top up calls during the month and up to four emails a week.

Maintain stress freedom and live an empowered life, fly high with Siadbh Mc Givern as your EFT Personal Coach and wind beneath your wings. Three months investment €1,188  


Design Your Own Support and Personal Development Package

Siadbh uses and offers a range of tools and support services in addition to EFT. This makes it possible to tailor a personal development and support programme to suit your specific needs. Contact Siadbh to discuss your personal situation and aims.


EFT Stepping Stones GroupGOLD-HEART

Siadbh offers a monthly 2 hour relaxed support and inspiration group for all her personal and training clients providing community support for life’s ongoing journey. This is a gathering of like minded people who are actively taking responsibility for their emotions and lives, supporting each other with EFT love, encouragement and friendship. This group is open to anyone who has a basic working knowledge of EFT by attending private consultations or a training course with Siadbh. For more information contact Siadbh. 

e is for energy wave

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