Monthly Groups

SMEx 7 Aug 2019

Personal and Professional Development

After attending one of Siadbh’s self-help or professional training courses you may then join a monthly support practice and development group.

Regular peer group support will help you continue to evolve in many ways.


When matters in your personal life are demanding your energy and your business goals are suffering, you will have a regular space to release personal stress, get back into your flow and on track with your professional work.


When you want to develop and grow your business, identifying your inner blocks and the areas you need to grow and expand in will help you to develop your practice and business goals.

Valuable Energy for Your Journey 

Staying in touch with your trainer and peer group is a rich and valuable energy resource in your life and will allow you to refocus regularly, to grow and practice, your professional skills of EFT and Tapping on yourself during the meetings. It will help you keep your energy high and be a place of growing friendship and connection with your colleagues.

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

  1. One Monthly Workshop Duration 1 hour 15 minutes 

Meetings will take place live on zoom for practicing the use of the tools and skills from your training and personal development.

2. A personal support call from Siadbh each month, duration 15 minutes.

3. A WhatsApp group where you can ask questions, request personalised videos, stay connected and supported in your community.

Participation is by monthly subscription only

Your investment 37 euros per month. Use the button below to join.


After joining I will add you to the message groups for notices and meeting reminders. If you wish to cancel your membership or take a break from the meetings, your subscription can be cancelled or suspended following an Email to Siabh McGivern. You are welcome to rejoin again at any time in the future as you wish.

Monthly WhatsApp Support Group

20 Euros per month

Monthly Support Full Benefits

Including: WhatsApp group, Personal Support Call from Siadbh, Monthly Zoom Workshop

37 Euros per month

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