EFT in Irish Curriculum

EFT, Coping Skills For Young Adults 2016                    


This year we have put together a pilot course for young adults which we hope to roll out on a national level over 2016 – 2019.

With the Dept. of Education and skills dedicated to assigning more curriculum hours to the “health and well being” of students, we think it is the perfect time for EFT to become an integral part of the Irish School Curriculum.

These are exciting times in the EFT world as schools across the world are recognising the benefits of EFT and incorporating it into every day school practice.

For more information on how your school can partake in the pilot course please email si.of.relief.ie

The course will cover:

  • Exam pressure and career path
  • Communication within relationships – family, friends, teachers
  • Building self-esteem – How you view and feel about yourself
  • How to cope with bullying
  • How to improve and excel in sport, the arts and specialised subject etc..


Decision making in a young persons life can sometimes be loaded with fear, confusion, stress and doubt. It can be hard to cope with all the pressure that comes with being a teenager in this modern world. Exams, career, relationships, self esteem.

EFT will teach you a set of techniques that can help you make clear choices from a place of clarity and peace.

We all have an innate inner strength and natural resources to help face every situation. EFT teaches you how to “tap” into these strengths. It is non- invasive and really easy to learn. It gives you skills that will help you to cope and achieve success in both your present and future life situations. Check out our link below, what is EFT for a more in-depth analysis.

About EFT

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