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“I have known Siadbh for more than 10 years and watched with pleasure as she has grown into an experienced and competent therapist as well as a disciplined and broadbased ‘reader ‘ of the emotional side of her clients.

When she discovered Emotional Freedom Technique, she recognised it fulfilled her needs and gave her the therapeutic base in which to ground much of her work. She has developed from a participant on various EFT courses to a senior, highly qualified, trainer for the organisation.

As a (retired) teacher, trainer and therapist, I undertook my own EFT experience with Siadbh as the trainer. It was immensely helpful as I was still dealing with the stress of losing my husband and having to move house. I was especially struck by her ability to analyse what was happening, pick out the relevant points, and address these, without disrupting the planned approach.

More recently Siadbh approached me with her idea of utilising the core of EFT with parents and school children. She recognised the role of EFT, in helping address the new directive in broadening education to take account of emotional growth/aspects of learning. From my experience as a teacher who has taught children of all ages as well as running in-service courses in the UK and of being involved in the work of Government in broadening the base of qualifications to provide a competence based system, I found this extremely valuable and interesting.

Siadbh has asked my advice in utilising an existing well used vehicle of EFT, and adapting it to the needs and time constraints of schools. She has also used all her contacts within schools and colleges for the same purpose.

I wish her well in this new direction and have no doubt that she and all the participants, teachers, parents and most of all pupils, will reap enormous benefits from the experience of participating in this new approach..

Joan Martucci

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I have been attending EFT sessions with the Siadbh for the past two years. I have found EFT to be an enormously helpful way to deal with life’s stresses especially with two young children! Siadbh has given me tools to use everyday and her mere presence alone is so calming and grounding. I would highly recommend Siadbh’s therapies.

Jo, Cork

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To look inside your soul is not an easy thing. Thank you for teaching me Siadbh, I now have peace at last

Sean T, Kerry

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Si Of Relief is the perfect expression for Siadbh’s EFT sessions. I had the good fortune to meet Siadbh recently and benefit from some EFT sessions. Following a period of difficult life circumstances I was experiencing chronic stress and some deep stuck emotional patterns arising from trauma of past events. Siadbh was very warm and compassionate, non judgemental and very patient and generous with her time and energy. With insight and real care our EFT session helped me face and deal with some deep issues and reach a breakthrough to a huge sigh of relief. A ray of hope has dawned and I feel my power returning. Thank you and God Bless you dear Siadbh.

Sandra H, UK

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