EFT Training testimonials

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Ihave been going to Siadbh for EFT for the last year. It has utterly transformed my life. I suppose I would say Siadbh and EFT has given me the key to unlock the mystery of my life. This has most importantly given me compassion and understanding for myself.

By undertaking courses given by Siadbh, I have learnt how to use EFT for myself. I now use it everyday. It has given me the gift of being able to work with my emotions instead of fighting against them. I can now embrace my emotions, look at them, learn from them and release them. I feel I’m no longer going around in circles. I am moving forward with my life with the ability to live that life more than I ever could before.

Thank you Siadbh for the gift of EFT!

Karen from cork

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Dear Siadbh, I wanted to write to express my gratitude for introducing me to EFT. It was such an informative and powerful day. You held the group with lightness and sincerity.

I had a chance to use EFT with a friend in distress when I got home so immediately experienced the benefits and ease of sharing the tools with others. Since then I have naturally included EFT in my Sound Therapy sessions to embody intentions my clients are working with. Of course I have had plenty of use for it myself too. It’s just fantastic! Much thanks and blessings to your work.

Katie, Kinsale

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