Parents and Students Testimonials

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I had no real past knowledge of what EFT is or what it does. I was unsure about how it could work yet I came hoping to find tools that would deal with negative emotions and help me live a happier, more relaxed life.
From the EFT course I now understand that emotions can be moved (changed) through conscious tapping on the meridian points. I understand that negative emotions are triggered by a feeling of lacking in something (love, attention, time, strength) and that by sending positive thoughts of the thing you are lacking you can lift your emotions.
After the EFT course I came home with the knowledge and more tools to recognise and deal with my emotions. I also have a better understanding of my feelings and less fear or my negative thoughts as I now have effective skills that can recognise these feelings and let them go.
I feel a lot more relaxed and flexible with change since doing the EFT course.

Jasmine, Cork (young student, 17)

images heartI first used EFT to help my 12 yr old daughter to settle into first year in school. She was finding it hard to integrate with the new students and system as she suffered from low self esteem. EFT really helped her to find coping mechanisms to help elevate the panic she felt going into school.
Siadbh worked very well with her. I was surprised how open and honest she became in the sessions. Siadbh has a great way of putting her at ease and helping her realise her feelings were quite normal. Eft gave us the tools that she could use herself to help her going in to school and when she was in there. She is now settled very well and her confidence is growing every day. I would recommend this to any parent.
Patricia, Tipperary

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“My son Thomas received EFT from Siadbh a few times in the last few months. It is a great way for him to speak about his emotions in a noninvasive way. It is a great way to open up his world to self calm. Understanding why he feels, what he feels and given him the tools to deal with it. This tool gives him a sense that he is in control over his own world. She taught him different techniques, which helps him to deal with every day worries. Thomas enjoyed his sessions with Siadbh very very much.”
Caroline, Co. Cork

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I have been working with Siadbh McGivern over the last 5 years. I started to see her when I had problems with Fiber Myalgia. I suffered from very low energy and unexplained pains and aches for many years. Through using EFT we were able to go back to my past to find where the problem might have come from. I now believe a lot of physical ailments can be as a result of past trauma. I can say this as today I am pain free and have got my life back .

Since then I have asked Siadbh to work with my children and my partner on many different issues. It has helped us to help each other as a family. It is such a wonderful thing to have at your disposal to help with the things life can throw in your path. I believe my children will become well rounded, well adjusted adults as we clear any issues that arrive there and then and we move on from as opposed to hold on to negative patterns. I would strongly recommend EFT for both physical and emotional issues.

Margerat C, Cork

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I am very happy to recommend EFT for children. Our 10yr old daughter is very deep and finds it very difficult to express her emotions. When upset and anxious she comes across as cheeky and disrespectful. Her emotions build up and something that appears small to us as a parent can trigger a very unsettled child.
We had the fortune to be introduced to EFT last year, when our family was experiencing a very turbulent time. EFT has stabilised emotions without having to have vocabulary to discuss them . All our emotions are based on our lives experience and our emotional responses to those experiences. With EFT, WE DO NOT TELL OUR CHILDREN HOW THEY FEEL. We just give them a tool to help there body shift the emotion. It supports silent quality time with the child. Our daughter was having anxiety attacks in the form of stomach pains and head aches. This has stopped.
We tap…EFT…most nights and usually she chats to me after.. About her queries in life. Every child deserves exposure to this resource that will help then face the world in an emotionally balanced way. Allowing all doors open to them, as their emotions are not clouding their vision of this wonderful world. EFT IS AN ONGOING PROCESS. CHILDREN ARE GREAT LEARNERS, I FEEL THIS IS AS IMPORTANT AS HEALTHY LUNCHES AT SCHOOL.
Jimmy, Cork

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