Teenagers Testimonials

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I had no real past knowledge of what EFT is or what it does. I was unsure about how it could work yet I came hoping to find tools that would deal with negative emotions and help me live a happier, more relaxed life.
From the EFT course I now understand that emotions can be moved (changed) through conscious tapping on the meridian points. I understand that negative emotions are triggered by a feeling of lacking in something (love, attention, time, strength) and that by sending positive thoughts of the thing you are lacking you can lift your emotions.
After the EFT course I came home with the knowledge and more tools to recognise and deal with my emotions. I also have a better understanding of my feelings and less fear or my negative thoughts as I now have effective skills that can recognise these feelings and let them go.
I feel a lot more relaxed and flexible with change since doing the EFT course.

Jasmine, Cork (young student, 17)



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