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Thank you for stopping by to find out more about new wearable neuro technology to support and enhance human wellness and performance.

You are invited to experience this new technology at O’Donovan’s Hotel Clonakilty the first Tuesday of March, April and May. Registration 7.00 pm Start 7.30 pm Finish 9.00 pm

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Here are some interesting videos from the Inventor and other health professionals who are using wearable neurotech in their practice.

The Science Behind Human Performance Technology

Inventor and CEO talks about the scientific research behind this wearable neuro technology.

A Medical Physician’s Testimony

How The Brain Responds to The NeuroTech

The Limbic System (Emotions) Response to The Tech, 7s

Dr Mark DeBrincat More About Brain Mapping and the Medical Practitioners Programme


Brand New!!!!  The NEUROVAX Patch

Neuroplastic Immune Optimisation Technology

NeuroVax Revealed from Dr. Mark DeBrincat on Vimeo.

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