EFT in Schools


In one US study, suicide was found to be the third leading cause of death among teenagers, whilst 25% of teenagers suffer from anxiety disorders

According to YoungMinds (a UK mental health charity), nearly one million children between the ages of 5 and 15 now have mental health problems like depression and anxiety and the numbers are rising.

This is the case in most countries worldwide. Here in Ireland we have a very high standard of education and the pressure is on to be a well balanced individual in the face of an overstimulated and chaotic world.

The good news is that with that tools for well being are more available to us and our children. Mindfulness and anti-bullying campaigns are being introduced in all schools.

EFT is spreading it’s wings around the world as a necessary tool for coping and being at peace in these fast paced times. Schools around the world are being introduced to these methods and I’m delighted to say Ireland is one of them.

Please click on link here to read about the new program for EFT in Irish Schools.



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