Working with Students

When I started working with EFT I never envisioned that I would begin to use EFT to work to help children.

We see children as being resilient creatures who can easily get over things and move on. We sometimes assume their emotions are fleeting and will change with time as they mature. However whilst working with adults it became increasingly obvious the events that happened in childhood- be it traumatic ones or seemingly small ones could actually become encrypted in our emotional  make up. These events often  seemed to dictate how we react to seemingly unrelated events as adults.

The more I worked with EFT the more I began to see how all events in our lives are connected and make us who we are as a person today.
So I asked myself, imagine if we could rewind the clock and work with children at the time the events actually occurred. Imagine if we could deal with “our stuff” as it arouse . Imagine if we could clear and  release it there and then . Imagine if we didn’t have to carry the baggage, the hurt, the  I’m not good enough’s. Wow… this felt huge!
And sure enough I repeatedly found clients who were also parents again and again wanted to share these techniques with their children. Kids are so open and so honest. It was a pleasure and a revelation to work with them.

How EFT works with children:

Of course when working with kids the techniques have to change. Depending on age we often use visuals  and colours to help them identify where in their body they are holding these stuck emotions . We use tools such as the scale wristbands or even teddy bears to help them understand how to identify the intensity of their emotions and help them to move them on. Kids work so fast. They are so willing to let things go unlike us adults who tend to hold on to negativity for as long as we can. They are allowed to move about , lie down, play , whatever makes them comfortable. We do not linger on the negative but replace it with the positive as quickly as possible.
As kids get older they grasp the techniques and are so open to using them as they feel the benefits so quickly.

Working within the education system

It is with great excitement that I have being given the opportunity to work with children on a large scale through the schools networks. Parents and teachers are increasingly connecting the importance of good mental health with good reports and exam results. It has a direct knock on effect on studies, exams and ultimately careers. What greater gift to give them than the tools of EFT.
That is why I along with the wonderful teachers and parents we  have cultivated  the secondary school course to tackle the areas we believe are most prevalent in  students lives today.

Our aim is to give students powerful, easy to use techniques that will give them control over the enormous stresses and pressures that school life can throw up. These techniques, we hope, they will carry into their adult life and equip them with a sense of mental well being and emotional release that will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives.
We hope you will join us in our journey as we sincerely believe these techniques should be available to every child in every school. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Siadbh Mc Givern

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