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Train Live With Siadbh
Train Live With Siadbh
"Living in the negative can be obliterating , imagine experiencing how it would feel to be your future healed self right here right now” Siadbh
Train Live With Siadbh
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“You will be amazed at how fast you can go from pain to resolution”

– Siadbh Mc Givern –


Find the space to live uninhibited by negative mental states. Try our one to one personal consultation or our amazing online and digital personal courses.

Deepen your connection with your clients and elevate your practice to the next level. MET works as a stand alone therapy or can work as a complimentary therapy to your existing practice.

Work with Siadb and get your life back on track . For personal journeys , professional mentoring, or goal manifestation

Find friendship and guidance with our global community of Tapping professionals, Tapping advocates and personal support calls with Siadbh


“Why I live and love Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Modern energy tapping or Energy EFT are powerful but simple techniques accessible to everyone and so easy to use. It creates energy and self esteem and replaces the self love you may have lost. Energy EFT fills the void created in a time of stress and fills that void with a powerful positive energetic strength. In this way you can move from pain to resolution in a minute. It really needs to be felt to be believed. The tools once learned can be used on a day-to-day basis to manage stress and create a future that is filled with freedom, joy and peace. Emotional Freedom Techniques allow you to live in this transformed state. Energy EFT creates long lasting peace and clarity.”

Siadbhs Free Gift To You Today; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) CALL

Wondering if Tapping is for you? Avail of a free 20 minute introductory phone call with Siadbh to determine which path is best for you.


Energy tapping is the new global sensation that is taking the world by storm. Today it is being used by thousands of therapists, sports mentors, life coaches and doctors all over the world. It works as a stand alone therapy or can be used as a valuable tool in an existing practice. It really is an addition you cannot afford to be without.

As a therapist you may sometimes feel that you have hit a wall, the therapy may feel at times heavy and repetitive, a client can get stuck or even regress. Energy tapping is the perfect technique to introduce at these moments . Energy Tapping can quickly bring the client to a place of positivity and clarity and can bring the client to a place of self control and empowerment. For the therapists it helps to maintain connection and to build relationships in a profound way. Energy Tapping can introduce joy and compassion into your practice and gives clients simple tools that they can use in between sessions to help bring them to a place of strength and clarity. The benefits for you, your practice and your clients is immense and will without doubt, it will elevate your practice to the next level.

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Jasmine, Cork

I had no real past knowledge of what EFT is or what it does. I was unsure about how it could work yet I came hoping to find tools that would deal with negative emotions and help me live a happier, more relaxed life.

Catherine, counsellor, Kerry

I was afraid that zoom would not give me a connection to the group, It did not make any difference, fantastic job! See you next month.


Thank you so so so so much for the opportunity to learn about and ride on the wonderful energy rollercoaster. It has been a life transforming 3 days.

Thank you, my eternal friend,

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