Working in Energy Therapy for over 20 years

Siadbhs Words

“Why I live and love Energy EFT Modern energy tapping or Energy EFT are powerful but simple techniques accessible to everyone and so easy to use. It creates energy and self esteem and replaces the self love you may have lost. Energy EFT fills the void created in a time of stress and fills that void with a powerful positive energetic strength. In this way you can move from pain to resolution in a minute. It really needs to be felt to be believed.

The tools once learned can be used on a day to day basis to manage stress and create a future that is filled with freedom, joy and peace. Energy EFT allows you to live in this transformed state.

Energy EFT creates long lasting peace and clarity.. Working energetically through an emotion keeps you safe from the trauma while gently moving through it to the best possible outcome for you and for all those involved. Operating from this new place of strength allows the emotion to evolve into a sort of emotional intelligence where you can make decisions without doubt and fear but instead with clarity and strength.

This is why I love and am dedicated wholely to my work. Seeing and helping people overcome intense emotional trauma and living their new transformed life is possibly the best job in the world!

Siadbh is an EFT and MET master practitioner and trainer. As an EFT Therapist she lives with her family in West Cork Ireland where she runs her practice ,personal consultations and training courses. All one to one consultations and courses are also available live through zoom.

Death and Dying

Her latest endevour is studying as a student of Authentic Presence, contemplative end of life care training. Working with terminally ill patients and their families, her aim is to reduce stress and suffering in these times and to bring peace to both the dying and their loved ones in a most profound and caring way. She is currently writing courses tailored to this topic which will be ready to share in the upcoming months. 

" Siadbh has the most unique and intuitive style that leads you to the most unexpected places. I was amazed at what surfaced and how quickly it was resolved. I left genuinely forgetting what had brought me there in the first place because it had genuinely left my system. I felt great. I felt lighter ,freer, I felt like me for the first time in a long time"
Jen C.

Siadbhs experience In EFT and MET and learning has spanned the last 20 yrs and is still ongoing , her Qualifications:

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