Evolution of EFT and MET

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Why I live and love MET
“EFT and MET are powerful but simple techniques accessible to anyone and so effective. It creates energy and self-esteem and replaces the self-love you may have lost. MET fills the void created in a time of stress and fills that void with a powerful energetic strength.

In this way you move from pain to resolution in a minute. It really needs to be felt to be believed.

The tools once learned can be used on a day to day basis to manage stress and create a future that is filled with freedom joy hope and peace. MET allows you to live in this transformed state.

MET creates long lasting clarity and peace. Working energetically through an emotion keeps you safe from the trauma while it gently moves through it to reach the best possible outcome for you and all those involved.

Operating now from this new place of strength allows the emotion to evolve into a sort of emotional intelligence where you can then make decisions without doubt and fear but with clarity and strength.

What People From All Walks Of Life Are Saying

The most valuable things we learnt about MET is

I’ve had amazing experiences with MET I shared it with my hubby who was very sceptical but he loved it & has even used the karate chop tap to support him in tricky situations & that’s only after doing it with him once!! Also myself I’ve been practicing everyday & I can feel a real energy shift it’s really powerful so thanks again Siadbh very grateful

Laura. C Secretary

I felt I took away so much to work with for myself, I feel more confident and I’m so great full.

Christina Daly Entrepreneur and event organiser.

One thing I can say for sure is that whatever we did, it has greatly altered my perspective and my level of positivity in life!

Health Professional

Long-life Learning Festival Dunmanway W. Cork

Southerland Adult education centre Skibbereen W. Cork
“Fun and relaxation.”
“Peace, contentment and love.”
“Relief at knowing I can now help myself without having to ask others.”

Who’s, Trying it out.

Pharmaceutical office worker/ Reiki practitioner, Councillor, health worker, Student of phycology, Student of psychotherapy, county administrator.

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