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Stress Solution for Business

If you’re navigating the complexities of workplace stress and the challenges it brings to your business, you’ll be relieved to discover the Stress Management Business Solution. This program empowers you to support your employees towards enhanced productivity, redefine the blurred boundaries between work and home life, and allows you to refocus on your personal vision for the business.

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The Stress Solution to Support Your Employees

The Benefits to You and The Business

The Benefits to Your Employees

The Workplace Stress Solution

The programme includes four elements providing support in a number of ways

WhatsApp Group

  • Allowing communication with each other on well-being issues on one platform. Not a rant page.
  • The opportunity to see how everyone is doing without having to converse if they don’t want to.
  • Weekly support themes, discussed with the group, with meditations and reflections to provide positive focus and support for the week. The aim being to sustain, broaden and support their minds, to shift beyond strife back into clarity and strength.
  • Group moderation by Saidbh Mc Givern providing supervised support for work related stress
  • Group chat available in office hours.

Monthly Employee Personal Phone Call 15 Minutes

  • A 15 minute phone call with each employee monthly to let them feel heard and supported and to discuss personal workplace stress related struggles.

Monthly Zoom 1 Hour 15 Minutes

  • A morning meeting taking place on the 2nd Friday of each month.
  • Opening with a welcome and creating a stablising environment with reflection and time to breathe.
  • “How was your month?” Discussion
  • “What do you need to work on?” Contemplate and Focus on Family, Friends, Personal, Work
  • Introduction to tools for stress release including EFT-Tapping, EMO Energy In Motion, Heart Breathing from Modern Stress Management.
  • Time to reflect on how they are in themselves and opportunity for forward movement and stress relief.
  • Time to reflect on how they are in the business with an opportunity to acknowledge the effects of stress on their work production.
  • “What are your aims for the month?” including planning self supporting actions to take responsibility for their own mental health.

Executive Brilliance

  • Additional support, coaching and training for Executives and Senior Management 30 minutes phone call monthly.
  • Support for stress related issues, peak performance, conflict resolution
  • Plus participation in the above components of the programme
  • Demonstrating their value to the company

Your Investment

Employees Ranges from 37 – 300 euros per month per employee

Organisation Starting from 1000 euro per month, Annually from 9,000 euro

As a business owner set yourself free of workplace Stress in your business with this done-for-you solution.

Get Started, Get Ahead, Get It Done

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