Course template

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, on- line digital course, with a certification option  may just be that training to give you the opportunity to develop these skills into your busy life style. You can also add them as Continuous Professional Development points. ’CPD’

I truly welcome you to this training and am so pleased for you that you have found it as, these tools and techniques will be an amazing support in your life. While incorporating these tools gently in your day you will find freedom, peace and joy to live in your best self.

There are many other opportunities with all these tools to further investigate problematic issues in your life and for you to rise above and beyond them, enabling you with the skill  

Thus, helping you to make better choices in your life, to live in all the benefits of knowing and trusting yourself, while truly feeling that you are enough, understood and heard.

All the tools and the four modules are presented in the same way as they are in the modern energy tapping foundation either on zoom or in person.

I’ve even included your one month’s ‘Free Global Community Support’ to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and for you to know the community is waiting for you if you would like continuous support developing your skills.