Monthly Support Membership

Monthly Personal and Global Support Membership

After qualifying in Energy EFT Foundation or MET Professional there is now the opportunity to join a continuous skills development monthly class. This class is run by Siadbh herself and provides peer group support, a mastermind group, practitioner skills development and client supervision. In this way you will gain continuous development and have access to a like minded supportive global community all of whom can share their own experience of the Energy world.


Monthly Membership Fee

" You are never alone when you are a member of this group ,the conversation and insight is always fascinating and has helped me grow so much in my practice . I love connection with like minded people"

What is available to me with this monthly membership?

A Whatsapp Group

Siadbh will upload a demonstration that you are free to use or adapt for future use. This exclusive group allows the opportunity to discuss topics or questions or swap consultations with Siadbh and other practitioners from the global tapping community. All video and notes will be permanently available for you to store or access any time you want.

A Zoom Class

This is an hour and fifteen minute long monthly workshop where you can practice your skills within the group, learn to develop your skills and either observe or contribute depending on the workshop. This is a great opportunity to liase with and develop new personal and business contacts and speak with fellow energy EFT tappers from around the world.

A Phone Call

This fifteen minute phone call with Siadbh allows you to seek guidance and support or time to discuss any issues that may have arisen during the course of your work. It’s a great knowing to feel you have personal ongoing guidance from Siadbh herself as you develop and progress in the work.


Membership allows you to access discounts on further packages offered with Energy tapping for life.

Monthly Membership Fee


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