EFT Tapping One To One Sessions

Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Are you be ready to be the best version of yourself?
  • Are you ready to let go of negative emotion that is holding you back?
  • Let Energy EFT bring you into a positive powerful place of strength and resilience in a matter of minutes
  • Feel that you are not ready? Let us work together to strengthen and support you so you can move forward right now

" You will be amazed at how quick you can go from pain to resolution"

What to Expect in a session

In our consultation we will work in a safe and non-judgemental space. You will learn energy EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) techniques that are non invasive , easy to learn and that work amazingly fast. The emotion whether difficult , lost or unspoken will be accessed but does not need to be re-lived. We will work only on the energetic aspect of the emotion so we do not need to dwell on it for long. Instead we can quickly release this negative experience and the key here is that we quickly transform it into a new energy that is positive and authentic. During our session the dark void left by the trauma is replaced with a strengthened nourished positive energy. ..It really has to be felt to be believed. The effects you will find are truly transformative.

" living in the negative can be obliterating, imagine how it would feel to live your future healed life right here , right now"

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Investment €125

Consultations can be in person or through zoom from anywhere in the world!

Emotional Trauma Such as grief death and dying , depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, unresolved trauma Physical Ailments Such as pain management, fatigue, fertility issues Motivational Goal Achievement Such as sports mentoring , career promotion, self esteem, exam pressure
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Our Amazing Personal Package

This an amazing 3 session personal package tailored to you and your specific needs. Here we will work on a package that defines your specific issue to be worked on. You will learn easy to use Energy EFT techniques (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that you can use everyday whenever you need them. We will create a personal positive goal outcome and help you to work towards it with instilling it with joy clarity and strength.

When you commit to a 3 session package you can set out clearly the direction in which you want to go and you will be astounded at how quickly the issue will resolve.

It really has to be felt to be believed!

Investment €340

Our one to one sessions can be booked in person at my West Cork practice or accessed online through zoom from anywhere in the world!

Amazing Specialised Packages

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