Terms & Conditions

Refunds of investments.

Any investment made to Si Of Relief from you personally may be refunded in full by transferring your investment for further development within a 12-month period of the Investment being placed. 
This refund will come as a transference of your investment to any other service that Si Of Relief provides. 
You may exchange your investment between METF Foundation Training, METPro Training, EFT One-to-One Personal Consultation, EFT Amazing Personal  Packages, EFT Corporate Mentoring, or my EFT and MET Global & Personal Monthly Group Support.
Investments made into your personal development from another source besides yourself will be considered as a gift to you. That gift again will be refunded by transferring the gift into another program that you choose to pick within a 12-month period of the investment being placed.

A Missed day of Training

Any day that you have missed of a training may be replaced in the next dates that have availability and would suit you within the 12 month period. Rather than the entirety of your training.

Repeat Training Bonus

After certification from Si Of Relief or any other trainer within the GOE, a training you wish to repeat whether one day or the entirety of training will come in at a reduction of 50%  off the investment price stated at the time of that particular training being held. ( I repeated most of my training at least twice over the years. it was a great opportunity to digest and practice. Each time I learned something new!! )
Investments made into your personal development from another source besides yourself will be considered as a gift to you that gift again will be transferred into another program that you choose to pick within a 12-month period.


Certification will be awarded only when the entirety of the training has been completed and to satisfactory standard of Si Of Relief.

Payment Plans.

Some payment plans are available. Do phone on 00353 87 6104498 to discuss in person how we could make this possible for you. Never miss out on a training because you can not finicaly invest in your self right now. Start with investing  time as your first step.
Certification will be withheld until investments have been fully secured.