Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course

Tapping for self care

I truly welcome you to this training and I am so glad that you found it. These techniques will be an amazing support in your life. When you start to incorporate these tapping techniques into your everyday life you will find such freedom, peace and joy. You will have the  amazing opportunity to live in your best self…

These tools can be used to identify examine and resolve problematic areas in your life. You will learn how to rise above and beyond them, it will allow you to access your innate healing intelligence and inner knowing at times when you need it most. This will enable you to make better choices with clarity and strength and free yourself from fear and self doubt. You  will feel that you are heard, that you are understood, you will learn that you ARE enough.

What will The MET Foundation course do for me?

  • Energy Tapping will energises your whole system both mentally and physically. Learn how to become an energy billionaire!!
  • You will learn how positive mental states of being can replace old negative debilitating thought patterns.
  • you will feel more joy and connection with others and enjoy a clear and positive mindset.
    you will learn techniques that are gentle , non invasive and simple to learn and use.
  • You will gain a firm foundation on how to use energy tapping for self help, on family and on friends.
  • You will be given theoretical knowledge and understanding, as well as the practical experience you need to use Energy Tapping confidently

What will the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course cover?

  1. You will learn about bioelectrical energy flow, your energy body and how it influences your daily life
  2. You will learn how to use the SUE scale to convert problems into solutions, and give your energy system what it needs to be stronger, happier and healthier.
  3. You will learn how to use Energy Tapping to manage your own energy levels at any time you choose
  4. You will learn how to change mindset and create positive goals for success
  5. You will learn how to use Energy Tapping with children, family, groups and teams
  6. You will learn how to energise yourself with different energies all around you.

Course Modules

Learning Modern Energy Tapping

The Energy Billionaire

From Problems to Solutions

Modern Energy Tapping for Two and More

What is the investment and what does it include?

  • The fee is  £195. This is a certificated course which includes full colour manual, plus one years standard membership to of the Guild of Energists (GOE) ( normally £40).
  • Membership allows you to enjoy discounts on books, access to private FB pages, a printed journal and much more. For full details go to GOE membership here.
  • One month free support with Siadbh…

How do I access the course?

Online digital

Live online zoom

Live event in person

Course Feedback

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