Modern Energy Tapping Professional Course

The Modern Energy Tapping Professional is the latest evolution in Energy EFT therapy which qualifies you to become a skilled Professional MET therapist. This is a certified course that contains the most up to date developments in energy tapping and contains brand new techniques that will ensue amazingly fast results. Modern Energy Tapping has evolved elements of Eft, event psychology, Emo trance, Sixth Sense Supermind and much more. These techniques are more powerful yet also more gentle. The results are faster as they tap into interventions without the confusion of set up and the apex effect taught in earlier models. In essence the MET techniques will lead to a better client therapist experience, will lead to a deeper rapour and will produce fast and targeted results. Modern Energy Tapping Pro boasts brand new techniques methods and approaches to Energy tapping. MET goes directly to the positive without the need to tap on the problem, and the emotional state is raised rapidly to go to a plus 10 on the SUE scale and then beyond! Rather then spending time on re-experiencing painful past trauma we go straight to the future with solutions and positive tools. “It really has to be felt to be believed”.

Who Is This Course For?

Individuals embarking on a new career

Do you want to become Energy Tapping professional practitioners? This course will fully qualify you to be a competent confident practitioner and allow you to begin working with clients on completion.

Professional Therapists

Therapists, counsellors, mental health professionals, that would like to integrate Energy Tapping as a tool or as an extra layer to their existing practice. Do you ever feel a client can get “stuck” in an emotion that is hard to shift. As a therapist this can be frustrating and it can also be so disheartening for the client. Energy Eft gives you an extra tool to elevate the client to overcome these blocks much faster . It is such a light and positive tool and can be very refreshing to both you and the client. At a time when progress may seem stagnant it can add another layer to you practice. Though it does stand on its own as a therapy it can also be easily worked into your own modality giving unbelievably fast and impressive results that will elevate your practice to the next level.

Existing EFT Master Practitioners

Wishing to update their skills.Energy EFT is an ever evolving therapy and this course is one of the very latest evolutions in professional EFT. The MET Pro as its known is an entirely new training, containing new exciting approaches to the tapping solution. The new techniques are literally ground breaking and are not used yet by other advocates of energy tapping. You will be amazed at how transformative to it to work in a plus10 and beyond. It is such a vibrant and exciting course you will not want to miss it!

Personal Fulfillment

Individuals who have completed the foundation course and want to learn more. Once you have learned the basics you might be left with a thirst to learn more. It will bring such joy into your life and the lives of those around you. This course takes you to the next level , though you might never want to practice professionally it will give you all the tools to soar on you own personal journey. 

Course Syllabus

The course is a pre -requisite to any person who has already completed Modern Energy Tapping Foundation or Energy EFT Foundation. The course is structured over 12 modules that will take you from novice to advanced. You will learn 45 key skills which must be mastered before you can be certified. Certification is by continuous assessment during the workshop, there is no examination to be competed. The course consists of 12 modules as follows: 

Level 1

  • The Gift Of Modern Energy
  • The Power Of The Positives
  • Future Orientation
  • The Treatment Flow

Level 2

  • The Story Protocol
  • The EMO Energy Body Protocol
  • The Energy Matrix
  • Miracles Of Healing

Level 3

  • Energy Relationships
  • Super Mind Solutions
  • Advanced Energy Tapping
  • The New Beginning




This is a three day course that includes 12 modules of training, Certificate, a full colour 185 page manual, printed SUE scale, and resources for use with your clients or yourself. The course also includes 1 year professional membership and licence from The Guild Of Energists, plus one month free support and development with Siadbh , including a personal call with Siadbh and a weekly access to the developmental group chat.

Additional benefits of membership to the Guild Of Energists:

  • Active GOE members-only support group- talk to other members online, arrange swap sessions
  • Weekly EFT energy downloads- includes video and audio presentations for further learning. Members files and documents- download high quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams

Where can I complete this training?

  • You can complete the course through an Online zoom event, dates will be posted here or join our Whatsap group for updates on the latest upcoming courses.
  • In person at Siadbhs latest live training. Keep an eye for upcoming events or subscribe to our whatap page to learn of next available dates.


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